I’m Christa, the hat-wearer and writer of the big american…and other hat tales which I’ve started for my daughter so that she may begin to know a part of her heritage, her father’s homeland of Bosnia, as well as witness her parents’ successes and stumbles in creating a home that attempts to bring together the best of both worlds.

Jas is my husband, primary blog photographer and translator of all things Bosnian. Born and raised in Bosnia he resided in Croatia, Italy, and England before settling in America and becoming a citizen.  He is a guru of cultural adaptation with super-human patience for his wife’s tempers and questions–even those that reveal slight presence of mind as observed in the following exchange:

C: Whoa! Look way up in the hills there…is that like, an ancient mosque?

J: No, it’s a tv tower.

Our girl is my muse and the audience of my mind’s eye who I refer to as Cookie and other edible confections.

While this is dedicated to her, it is also for all of the hat-wearing strangers in strange lands, both literal and metaphorical. With love.

2 responses to “About

  1. Sheila

    beautiful! And what a wonderful gift for little K…Miss road tripping to NJ to visit you guys! perhaps you can bring the Big American to Chicago!

  2. Josephine C.

    Love, Love, Love your blog! What a beautiful gift to give your little girl and to remember Jas’s family. I was telling your Dad that I was hooked after reading the first paragraph. You are a great writer! Enjoy the new blog you are writing. Looking forwward to the next follow-up. Fondly, Josephine C.

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