Differences Between Mamas & Tatas–A Visual

“Mama, sing Number Five” my girl said to me as she snuggled down for bed.

Number Five?” I asked, wracking my brain.

“Yah. Number Five” she nodded.

“Um….I’m not sure I know that song.”

“Ok. Sing Silly Dogs Mama.”

“Huh. How about…She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain?”

“Yah. That’s good too.”

Later that night I told Jas, “Cookie asked me to sing Number Five and Silly Dogs.”

He nodded. “Those are my songs.”

“Oh?! How do they go?”

“I’m not really sure. I just make them up as I go along.”

I’ve been reading a lot about fathers lately–how their approaches to parenting expose children to different styles of communication, and how their methods of play introduce unpredictability. Ultimately the way men (speaking generally of course) parent help children become more independent, preparing them for dealing with all types of real-world situations. Following are some visual parenting differences I’ve captured over the past couple of years–a celebration of mama and tata (daddy) styles in our home.

How Mama dresses me:


Easter dress

How Tata dresses me:

"She picked it out."

“She picked it out.”

How Mama plays with me:

At the touch museum

At the touch museum

How Tata plays with me:

"Higher Tata! Higher!"

“Higher Tata! Higher!”



Tools Mama lets me play with:

Making muffins.

Making muffins.

Tools Tata lets me play with:

Building a shelf.

Building a shelf.

Snack with Mama:


Shucking corn

Snack with Tata:

Ok, she didn't actually have Nutella this young, but it was only a matter of time...

Ok, she didn’t actually have Nutella this young, but it was only a matter of time…

...before we had our first Nutella face.

…before we had our first Nutella face.

Sharing Mama’s loves:


Pulled all the books off the shelf

Sharing Tata’s loves:



And yet, we still snuggle the same:

DSCF0765         DSCF0153

Happy Father’s Day to all the unpredictable, delightful Tatas out there!


I’d love to hear your own mama/tata parenting/ parented observations, so please share with me.


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4 responses to “Differences Between Mamas & Tatas–A Visual

  1. Cathy

    I love this! Happy Tata Day Jaz. Love to all of you! Tata, Mama & adorable Cookie! Shadow Too 🙂

  2. Daddy has so much anxiety about dressing The Bumblebee that she often only wears a diaper on Daddy days. I look forward to the days when she too
    picks out her own awesome outfits.

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