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Casting the First Ballot

On Election Day when that curtain shuts behind me it may as well shut out the rest of the world. To be given a moment to voice who I want to run our country is an incredible gift and I’m always filled with excitement and hope when I’ve exercised this right. This Election Day was particularly thrilling though as it was Jas’s very first chance to participate having been sworn in as a citizen of the United States in 2011.

Jas’s swearing in ceremony had immediately followed his citizenship test something neither of us was aware of, so Cookie and I weren’t with him and didn’t get to officially celebrate the end of all the applications for travel visas, passport delays at  international airports, and interviews on the legitimacy of our marriage at the office of Immigration & Citizenship Services. Becoming a citizen in Jas’s case was  a bit anticlimactic. And so Election Day became a family event.

As we drove to the West Orange Elks, I thought of the exchange we’d had the night before.

“Gotta get up early tomorrow. Big day,” Jas said.

“I know! Are you excited?” I asked.

“Totally.  Do you think they’ll have food there?”

“No (sigh).”

Arriving at the West Orange Elks.

Signing in.



Waiting in line.

Jas’s number.

Almost there.




I don’t know if you’re supposed to have a blast when voting, but we did. Cookie danced around the wood floor  and tried to figure out her mittens. Jas wondered aloud if he should join the Elks. After he cast his ballot, I stepped into the booth and had my own trying time figuring out the electronic board. In the past I’d always voted via the old-fashioned manual panels, so Jas had to step in and respond to my cries for help.

“Hey! I can’t figure this out!”

“I’m such a pro at this I had to show you how to vote” he laughed.

And despite my assurances to the contrary, it turned out that Jas did have a chance to pick up some food.

Nut loaves baked by the lovely wives of the Elks.


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